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1/2.8" Compact High Sensitivity, Network Color
1/2.8" Compact High Sensitivity, Network B&W
 WAT-2200 Mk-2
1/2.8" High Sensitivity, 3G/HD-SDI
1/2.8" USB2.0, Compact Water Resistant
1/3” High Sensitivity, USB2.0, Water Resistant
1/4” Miniature, Square type
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   2018.10.12    End of Life Notification:Miniature Lens (MP) M3718BC-12
   2018.10.01    Notification of Specification Changes:WAT-910HX MBD Series
    2018.09.20    End of Life Notification: 3G/HD-SDI Camera WAT-2200,WAT-2200D
        End of Life Notification: Analog Camera WAT-230V2,WAT-535EX2,WAT-231S2, WAT-250D2, WAT-600CX
   2018.07.10    End of Life Notification:WAT-2300
   2018.05.28    End of Life Notification:13VM1040ASIR
   2018.03.30    Notification of Packing Specification Change
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   2019.01.22    Watec will attend to Security Show 2019
   2019.01.01    New Year's greetings
   2018.11.16    Start selling the WAT-2400, WAT-933
   2018.10.12    WAT-2400, WAT-933 (Compact High Sensitivity Net Work Camera)*on sale in Nov. 2018
   2018.10.05    Start selling the WAT-2200 Mk-2
       Watec will attend to Security China 2018
   2018.09.25    Updated Launch Date for WAT-2200 Mk-2
   2018.09.20    Start selling the WAT-05U2M
   2018.07.20    WAT-05U2M (Wearable USB Color Camera)*on sale in Sep. 2018
       WAT-2200 Mk-2 (High Sensitivity 3G/HD-SDI Color Camera)*on sale in Sep. 2018
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